Does your business appear on Google when your potential customers search for your products or services? Or do they find your competitors?

Google captured $136 billion in ad revenues in 2018, for simple reasons because advertisers find it highly effective. Shouldn’t your business be using it to increase sales from online?

Many business owners know Google Ads can bring visitors highly interested in their products or services because the visitors searched with keywords related to their business. Many are however daunted by the complexity of Google Ads.

Instead of hours reading through blogs or trial-and-error, learn in this course how to setup and run your own ads correctly that do not waste money but increase sales.

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Are you an Entrepreneur/Business owner who:
- noticed your competitors are online, so you want to catch up fast
- tried finding a digital marketing agency, but lack basic knowledge to shortlist one
- want to learn yourself but find it hard to find time. Online courses are flexible but some are over 10 hours

Are you a Marketer who:
- outsourced your digital marketing but not sure if they are doing it right
- find that Google Ads is complex so you worry about ever being able to learn it
- find that some courses are too theoretical and doesn’t show you how to use the platform

This course is designed to:

- focus on generating leads online, what the trainer does for almost all his customers and his own businesses

- you don't need to understand everything there is to Google Ads e.g. some courses might be over 10hrs of video. This course is tailored to cover just the most essential theory and settings, so you learn faster

- show you how to do research and set up campaigns (clicking through together with the videos will enable you to learn much faster)

- cover safer settings suitable for most advertisers, include best practices learned from wide list of industries

- no experience with Google Ads required

This course also includes email support for 6 months after purchase, because we understand you will surely have questions once you start your campaigns.

Why this course?

- The trainer setup the Google and Facebook advertising to reach you. Would you prefer to learn here or from elsewhere when they rely on traffic instead of advertising themselves?

- The trainer has managed over $600,000 of Google & Facebook ads for over 50 customers, from solopreneurs, small businesses to multinationals. So you will learn best practices and settings that will apply for most businesses, not just a single industry.

- Some other course authors might have managed millions of dollars of advertising for their customers. What you will learn here is the trainer's experience from managing not only other people's money but his own too. He places a lot of emphasis on the importance of tracking results and optimizing ad spend, for the simple fact it is his own money!

- The trainer currently also conducts Google and Facebook advertising classes, classroom style. This helped him tailor this course's materials to cater to the most common difficulties and mistakes learners new to Google Ads face in an easy to understand manner.

What you will learn:

- Get highly interested people searching for your products on Google to visit your website

- Advertise effectively on websites your most potential customers like to visit

- Remind visitors who have visited your websites to come back to buy from you

- Track results from your advertising so you can improve effectiveness even further

- Best practices learnt from managing diverse businesses

- Create small effective campaigns first, scale when you get confident


Increase sales, Start learning:

"The trainer is well versed and has great experience in the application of Google AdWords to achieve the digital goals for clients. The training was delivered in a fun and laid-back manner with a good balance between theory and practical hands-on experience. I came away with a deeper understanding of Google AdWords and its application from attending this course."

- Elizabeth, Director of Digital Marketing, Grand Hyatt

"The online advertising hands-on course was very useful for me in planning and implementing digital campaigns across various platforms such as Google AdWords and Facebook. Eng Yeow was very engaging and patient in answering all queries. The course covered a wide range of topics related to digital marketing and Eng Yeow also shared useful tips that we can apply for our own campaigns."

- Mano Vikneshwaran, Manager, Corporate Communications Department, Ministry of Manpower

"Attending Google AdWords Hands on course answers all my questions. I never knew that adding a full stop at the 1st line of description actually extends the ads in the first line. EY is very knowledgeable and willing to share. I learn a lot from him. Thanks."

- Manfred Shi, Digital Marketing Associate Manager, Fuji Xerox Singapore

"Excellent content, definitely value for money."

- Jason Lee, Director, Impression Media Pte Ltd

"Very informative course. Don’t waste resources on Google Ads until you pick up the basics from this class."

- Wynnie Tay, Operations Manager, CCIS Singapore Pte Ltd

"The Google AdWords course is very informative and I have learned useful hands-on tip which I hope to apply in my course of work. The trainer Eng Yeow is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I look forward to other classes conducted by them."

- Alvin Gan, Project Manager, BMI Asia

Your Instructor

Eng Yeow
Eng Yeow

Eng Yeow founded iConversing, a digital marketing agency in Singapore in 2011, having since personally managed over 50 Google Ads and Facebook advertising accounts.

He graduated from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore with Honours and Masters degree in Software and Telecommunications, and started his career as a software developer for over 10 years. Having started his first company and used Google Ads to advertise for it, eventually he founded his own digital marketing agency. His best practices and knowledge were honed when advertising for his own businesses because he had to make the most of his limited advertising spend.

Currently he holds full day classroom courses on Google and Facebook advertising for iConversing, and also at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, a tertiary institution in Singapore. For the rest of the time, he keeps up to date with latest online marketing techniques and apply them to customers' accounts and his own businesses.

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Increase sales, Start learning:

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Describes why marketing via Google is so powerful.

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Increase sales, Start learning:

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this course different?
Many courses cover too many details and make it overly complex for busy business owners and professionals to learn. The trainer has, having managed over 50 accounts over the years, picked out the key aspects that are essential for an effective campaign to be covered in this course. This also includes step by step on how to use the Adwords interface so learners can learn fast!
Who is this course for?
For busy business owners who want to find more customers online and want to learn Google Adwords quickly and effectively. For affiliate marketers who want to sharpen their skills on Google Adwords to improve their ROI of their advertising. For marketers who need to learn quickly how to manage Google Adwords .
How can I access the learning materials?
Once you have enrolled for the course, a confirmation email will be sent to you via email. You can then access the course videos in this platform.
What are the prerequisites for this course?
As long as you are comfortable with using the web browser to access the internet, that will be sufficient. No prior experience with Google Adwords is required.
When does the course start and finish?
It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

For other queries: